May 17, 2016

Parent Name: Sandra Ruiz
Student Name: Danna Gonzalez
Grade: 9th
I have a very positive experience in the school. I fell happy and comfortable because I see the unconditional support that we receive from the school administration and teachers.

Parent Name: Tuti Herrera
Student Name: Cesar Herrera
Grade: 9th grade
 I feel happy with the school the school. Administration is very friendly. My son is very happy in the school and is learning a lot.

Parent Name: Filiberta capulio
Student Name: Jessica, Andrea Sandre
Grade: 9th grade
 As a mother I fell very proud of the school, how they are helping the students in their education. I also fell proud for the success that my child has accomplished in the school.

Parent Name: Maria Gomez
Student Name: Steven Villagran
Grade: 9th grade
Thank you for always keeping the parents in mind.

Parent Name: Mirian Poconva
Student Name: Yanelli Cordero
Grade: 9th grade
I like the school and the teachers because they are special and care about the student’s education.

Parent Name: Judith Rosario
Student Name: Edward Rodriguez
Grade: 9th grade
ILCHS has been amazing. The way that every single teacher dedicates themselves, has passion and loves their job to the students. They’re a blessing for my son, his personal education and behavior. Keep doing your amazing job. Thank you very much.

Parent Name: Ramona Sanchez
Student Name: Katherine Taveras
Grade: 9th grade
I like the fact how the school and security treat people. I like the school protocols and code of discipline.

Parent Name: Regina Rodriguez
Student Name: Stephanie Rodriguez
Grade: 11th grade
I like the school because is safe and the administration are very caring with the students

Parent Name: Grismelda Rojas
Student Name: Miguel Rojas
Grade: 9th grade
Since my son started at ILCHS I fell very proud and happy because the school support is 100 percent from the CEO, administration, teachers, staff and security. They keep me inform regarding the progress of my son, meeting and events in the school. Thank you very much and keep growing.

Parent Name: Eligia Rodriguez
Student Name: Andrew Campos
Grade: 9th grade
ILCHS was the best selection I made for my son’s education. The school works very hard with teachers and parents for the best of the students. I fell proud that my son is part of this institution. Thank you for all your work.

Parent Name: Jancy Rosario
Student Name: Brandan Robles
Grade: 9th grade
I had a great experience with ILCHS; I like the discipline and the way that they help the students toward their future education. I love the communication with parents. I will never regret choosing ILCHS as my son’s school.

Parent Name: Andrea Veras
Student Name: Laisha Inoa
Grade: 9th grade
I’m happy with the school because they are doing a great job. The school building is pretty; staff and administrator are very polite and work hard. I’m glad that my daughter is part of this institution.

Parent Name: Teresa Santos
Student Name: Stephanie Santos
Grade: 9th grade
I had a pleasant experience at ILCHS. I feel welcome to the school, my daughter is safe, and staff and administration listen to parent concerns and help them.  I know that I made the right decision in enrolling my child in ILCHS.

Parent Name: Sucela De Los Santos
Student Name: Emely De Los Santos / Estiwar De Los Santos
Grade: 11th and 9th grade
At this moment I fell very satisfy with the result of the school.

December 02, 2015

November 30, 2015

Dear Parents/ Guardian

Please note that Parent-Teacher conference for the First Report Card is scheduled as follows:

  • Grade 9:                    Wednesday December 2, 2015                5pm to 7pm
  • Grade 10                   Thursday December  3, 2015                   5pm to 7pm
  • Grade 11 & 12           Wednesday December  9, 2015               5pm to 7pm

Door will be closed at 6:15pm

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Gonzalez at 718-562-2300 ext. 221.


Estimados Padres o Tutores:

Por favor recuerde que la Conferencia de Padres y Maestros para el primer reporte de calificafiones y  esta programada como sigue a continuacion:

  • Grado 9                     Miercoles , Diciembre   2, 2015                    5pm - 7pm
  • Grado 10                   Jueves Diciembre  3, 2015                           5pm - 7pm
  • Grado 11 & 12           Miercoles  , Diciembre 9, 2015                    5pm - 7pm

Estaremos cerrando  la puerta a las 6:15pm

Si usted tiene alguna pregunta por favor comuniquese con la Senora Gonzalez al 718-562-2300 la ext.221.
Gracias por su continuo apoyo!
Edilis Gonzalez
Directora de Padres y Enlace la Comunidad Escolar