The Leadership Team at ILCHS is responsible for management and efficient daily operations at the school.
Dr. Elaine Ruiz-López
CEO & Founder
Dr. Elaine Ruiz-López is the Founder of ILCHS and its Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Ruiz-López was born and raised in the Bronx and has worked in the field of education since 1980. During her career, she has held various leadership positions in public schools, universities and private corporations. She founded ILCHS in 2005 with the goals of creating a collaborative process among faculty for a performance based charter school and developing a professional learning community to deliver instruction in an academically rigorous college preparatory environment. She earned her Doctorate in Special Education/Administration and Masters of Education from the Teacher’s College at Columbia University; a Master’s of Science in Bilingual Special Education from Bank Street College of Education; and a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from The City College of New York.
Dr. Nellie Martinez
Dr. Nellie Martinez has worked as an educator for 19 years serving urban students in NYC and in Mount Vernon as a secondary English Teacher and an Administrator. Dr. Martinez shares in our vision to provide students with the highest quality of education to become life- long learners in our society. She believes all students can succeed with the proper education and the proper tools and preparation needed for academic achievement personal and social achievement. Dr. Martinez earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in English at University at Albany; a Master of Science Degree in School Administration & Supervision from Mercy College and obtained her Ed. D. in Executive Leadership from St. John Fisher College. Her Dissertation Topic The Factors That Latino High School Students Identify as Influencing Their Graduation From an Urban High School and Their Decision to Enter a Post-Secondary Institution. On a personal level she enjoys hiking with her son during her free time.
Richard Padilla
Director of Facilities Operations
Mr. Padilla joined ILCHS in July 2015. Mr. Padilla is an experienced Regional Facilities Manager who has provided his services for Fortune 500 companies for 20+ years over his expansive career dedicating himself to social responsibility and cultural awareness. Mr. Padilla's main focus is on Operations and Facilities Management. These areas are of high importance to him. Mr. Padilla joined the ILCHS team to provide additional support and his specific skillset to support the school's relocation to their new facilities and to work towards contributing to ILCHS's high quality standards. Rich was drawn to the school because of their Mission Statement to provide the highest quality education and support for the students and the community. Rich will contribute to the Leadership Team the benefits of his experience in "Building Operations and Facilities" and being able to give something back. That combined with his "Team Player" attitude and his enjoyment of working in a "collaborative environment" such as the school has now with the team. Mr. Padilla was born in Manhattan and raised in the Bronx. Rich attended Bernard M. Baruch College in New York City.
Edilis Gonzalez
Director for Parent and School Community Engagement
Ms. Gonzalez has been with ILCHS since its inception in September 2006. Ms. Gonzalez has been an active key member of the ILCHS Leadership Team by working directly with parents and the broader school community. In her role, Ms. Gonzalez ensures that the parent community understands and embraces the mission and vision of ILCHS by implementing it in her everyday priorities. She graduated with a BA in Social Work from Lehman College. Ms. Gonzalez strives to change her students’ lives by working diligently to involve and engage  parents and the school community.