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Dr. Elaine Ruiz Lopez Hispanic Heritage Month

“When a young person, even a gifted one, grows up without proximate living examples of what she may aspire to become--whether lawyer, scientist, artist, or leader in any realm--her goal remains abstract. Such models as appear in books or on the news, however inspiring or revered, are ultimately too remote to be real, let alone influential. But a role model in the flesh provides more than inspiration; his or her very existence is confirmation of possibilities one may have every reason to doubt, saying, 'Yes, someone like me can do this.” - U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor

“La Raza” Heritage Month Celebration

Dr. Elaine Ruiz Lopez

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The month of October marks the Annual National Celebration of "Hispanic Heritage Month." This celebration is better known at our charter school as "Celebración de La Raza Latina.” This Edition of “News and Notes” is dedicated to the hundreds of immigrant Latino families and students in our school community. At ILCHS 85% the families and students that we serve and educate are primarily of Latino descent.

At the International Leadership Charter High School we honor the richness of Latino history, art, music, and culture. The valuable contributions made to American Society in science, politics, and the economy, are the hallmark and the source of pride of Latino/a Heritage. This year it is our aim to connect our community of parents, students, and faculty to the facts, more resources and information. Also included in this edition are ways to get involved and take actions to help pass the Dream Act.


Digital Library Resources: For Parents, Teachers and Students
For Parents and Families: Immigration and the Dream Act
Latinas in STEM
Featured Latino Leader and Role Model: Mariano Rivera-The Retired Yankee Closer

2014-CEO-News-Hispanic-Heritage-Month Mariano Rivera-The Retired Yankee Closer

Children Crossing the Border: A Snapshot
Miguel was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. He came to the U.S. with his two parents and older brother when he was six years old. Growing up in El Monte, California, Miguel worked hard in school. He graduated from his high school in 2011, and started taking classes at a local community college—the first in his family to pursue higher education. DACA was initiated during Miguel’s first year of college. With a work permit he started working at a print shop and was able to enroll as a full-time student. Having a driver’s license also made life much easier for Miguel. In Southern California, one could easily spend two or more hours a day on the bus. After working for a year and establishing credit, Miguel pooled his money together with his father and they opened up a cell phone store in nearby La Puente.  Miguel is also hoping to start his own business as a web designer and app developer. He credits DACA for providing opportunities to work and drive, as he strives for a better future for himself and his family.

National Charter News of Interest

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Posted: October 6, 2014



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