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College Students: 8 Helpful Websites to Look Out For
8 Helpful Websites to Look Out For:

1. Useful for writing papers; this cite shows you how to cite your work, and how to write your papers in APA or MLA format as well as demonstrating any other rules that you should follow when you are writing a paper.

2. Read comments and see ratings of professors about professors from your campus or from all over the country posted by students who have taken their courses. This website is extremely helpful. Do your research on a professor or course before to take their class.
3. Find inexpensive textbooks, books, and international versions here. I used this website a lot. Books are cheap and are delivered quickly. 
4. On this site you will find e-books, and pdfs, of any book that you might be looking for free. They even have an app that you can use on any electronic device.
5. Rent books for cheap. Get discounts and student benefits by using the site
6. Get text books and books that you need, for a cheap price. Here you can find used books and the shipping is fast. Sign up for Amazons student account (Amazon prime) to receive 2 day shipping on certain items and free movie/TV access.
7. An online database filled with academic articles and other resources that student can use for school research papers.
8. Bibliography generator, converts references in MLA or APA format for your work cited page.


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